FY14 Elections Ballot

Hello SWE Members, the FY13 nomination committee is pleased to bring you the elections ballot for FY14.

Voting Day: April 9th — ballots will be available electronically, and in ENGR 242. More details to come.

  • Presidential Candidate:
    • Carissa Labriola
      • If elected, what would you contribute to SWE-SJSU?:
        • I would like to continue with the speaker series, raise more funds for SWE so it can be more financially stable, sponsor a Shadow Day program, and try to provide more opportunities for outreach. I would also like to incorporate more global leadership understanding into the club to better prepare our members for the working world.
      • Expected Graduation Date: May 2015
      • Current Leadership Position in SWE: Vice President
      • Why do you want to be a SWE-SJSU officer?:
        • So that I can have a part in providing my fellow female engineers with a community in which they feel welcome in the College of Engineering.
  • Vice Presidential Candidates:
    • Lauren Volden – Endorsed by Carissa Labriola, Presidential Candidate
      • If elected, what would you contribute to SWE-SJSU?:
        • If elected, I would like to use my leadership skills from years of being a team lead at my karate dojo to unite SWE SJSU as a whole. I hope to bring in our general members and new potentials with fun, upbeat events and to create more of a connected community between members. I would also like to establish more connections to other engineering clubs on campus to widen our social circle as a club, develop a wide network, and gain some recognition. I would also hope to start more outreach with the Girl Scouts in the area and work with Carissa to start shadow days for high school girls.
          With my people skills and dedication, I look forward to teaming up with Carissa and making SWE SJSU a place we can all call home
      • Expected Graduation Date: May 2015
      • Current Leadership Position in SWE: Historian
      • Why do you want to be a SWE-SJSU officer?:
        • To continue my commitment and dedication to SWE, and to help other women engineers feel supported rather than alone.
    • Reema Shalan
      • If elected, what would you contribute to SWE-SJSU?:
        • As many people already know, I work hard and put my best effort into everything I do, even when I have many responsibilities. I have proven on several occasions that even with a very heavy course load, I have been very successful in both academics and extracurriculars. My background will not only help me dedicate the proper amount of time and effort into SWE, it will also contribute to my assisting members to aspire, advance, and achieve. By this, I mean that I will share my knowledge, and that of others, in ways that will help members benefit from it. I mainly want to encourage more general member interaction. I would organize general member meetings and activities where all members could network as well as develop friendships and build a support group. I would also encourage academic success of SWE members by continuously holding stress and time management workshops in order to constantly renew motivation. As for professional development, I would continue with the Women in Tech Talks, and hold various workshops on writing resumes and succeeding in job interviews. I know how SWE works from my experience this academic year as Secretary, and I want to take it further by becoming Vice President. I understand that it is a position of great responsibility, and I plan to work diligently in order to make SWE even better than it already is.
      • Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2015
      • Current Leadership Position in SWE: Secretary
      • Why do you want to be a SWE-SJSU officer?:
        • SWE-SJSU has helped me get to where I am today, and I feel that it is my responsibility to take a leadership role in the section in order for me to learn so that I can continue to serve SWE and my community.
  • Treasurer Candidate
    • Dallen Coulter
      • If elected, what would you contribute to SWE-SJSU?:
        • If elected, what would you contribute to SWE-SJSU?: If elected, I would hope to contribute many things. With my involvement in team sports and being a team captain I know what it takes to be a responsible leader. I am currently a Junior and am looking forward to another year at SJSU! I hope to bring my perspective as a transfer student from out of the area to SJSU-SWE and possibly bring some new ideas to the table. I have a keen sense of organization and accountability. Being treasurer will give me the opportunity to set up in SWE and make some positive improvements not only through personal growth but in the overall SWE community. But with all seriousness aside, I love to have fun! My favorite place to be in the world is Disneyland! I have a small collection of Disney pins and hats. My ultimate dream job would be to become a Disney Imagineer! I hope to contribute to such an amazing organization and to such an intellectual group of women.
      • Expected Graduation Date: May, 2015
      • Current Leadership Position in SWE: N/A
      • Why do you want to be a SWE-SJSU officer?:
        •  I would really like to become more involved in SWE and contribute to such an amazing organization.
  • Secretary Candidate
    • Zahra Sarwary
      • If elected, what would you contribute to SWE-SJSU?:
        • I would like to see more SWE related events on campus that all students can be a part of. I thought the Women in Tech Talks were very beneficial and I would like to help continue this program. Because I am the current Outreach Chair that has worked to organize WOW! That’s Engineering, I would also be helping the new Outreach Chairperson and WOW! Committee. SWE members have the opportunity to attend conferences and meet with other sections as well as professionals from industry. I would utilize this opportunity and network with the other SWE SJSU officers to receive aid as well as sponsors that will be advantageous to our members.
      • Expected Graduation Date: May, 2016
      • Current Leadership Position in SWE: Outreach Chairwoman
      • Why do you want to be a SWE-SJSU officer?:
        • I have made it a priority to be very involved in SWE since my first year here at SJSU. I have the leadership experience to continue and make this section prosper.
  • Counselor Candidate
    • Melinda Mendolla
      • B.S. Chemical Engineering, SJSU
      • Chemical Engineer, Intel
      • SWE Society-wide Collegiate Representative
      • Former SWE-SJSU President

Science Extravaganza!

Did you miss out on getting to volunteer at Wow last weekend? Well this Saturday, the SJSU Society of Latino Engineers and Scientists (SOLES) is hosting their annual outreach event, “Science Extravaganza” and is looking for volunteers.



Fill out this form: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?fromEmail=true&formkey=dGxCMFJsMklOd1Nicm5LOG5fRmxSUFE6MQ

and check out the flyer below.