Congratulations, SWE-SJSU!

Thanks to all of your hard work (members, leaders, and supporters alike), SWE-SJSU was awarded not one, but two awards at the Region A conference on April 6th. We were especially honored to receive an award for “Best Joint Event” for “Wow! That’s Engineering,” hosted with SWE-SCV. Our Outreach Chair, Zahra Sarwary, graciously accepted the award as the student lead coordinating the event.

SWE-SJSU thanks all of our volunteers and supporters for making this great honor come true. We are so lucky to have you!




Voting Time!

Hello SWE-SJSU members,

It’s time to vote. You have two ways of voting:

  1. Drop off a ballot to the elections locker in ENGR 242 on April 9th between 9AM and 7PM. You must have your key code to do this. You may email sjsuswepresident @ gmail (dot) com if you do not have a code.
  2. Fill out the electronic form that was sent to your email address this morning by midnight April 9th. The forms were sent using the email address you provided when you signed up for SWE. Please let us know if you did not receive a ballot. 

Thank you for participating in these elections, and for being a part of our section!

Vote Melinda Mendolla for SWE-SJSU Counselor!

Hi Everyone!

I know many of you fabulous SWE-SJSU SWEesters already, but for those that I have not yet had the pleasure to meet, my name is Melinda Mendolla and I am a past president of SWE-SJSU. At SJSU I participated in many student organizations such as AIChE, IEEE, ISPE, SOLES and MEP. As a Women in Engineering Scholarship (Applied Materials) recipient I volunteered for countless graduations and CoE Open House or Admitted Spartan Day events. I was also a GTI or Global Technology Initiative Scholar (2011) and Summer Service Learning Program Scholar SSLP (2011).

I am super excited to run for SWE-SJSU’s Counselor for FY14! I promise to be present, available, and to provide input when needed for SWE-SJSU. I will always help to guide you in the direction that you want to go in.

As a chemical engineer, I have had many classes taught by current faculty adviser,  Dr. Melanie McNeil thus having the opportunity to work with her and build a great relationship with her. I will continue to work with Dr. McNeil to ensure the success and the growth of SWE & Women in Engineering at SJSU!

Please vote for me and lets continue to bring success to SWE-SJSU together! I have listed my background information and SWE qualifications below for your reference. Please feel free to ask me about anything I have listed!


  • Graduated from SJSU in May 2012, BS Chemical Engineering
  • RISE Student at SJSU; worked for Dr. Daryl K. Eggers
  • Currently work at Intel, Santa Clara in a Materials Analytical lab

SWE Positions held:


  • RCR FY12
  • President –  FY10, FY11, part of FY12
  • Evening with SWE Decorations Committee FY09
  • Wow! That’s Engineering Team Lead FY09

SWE the Society

  • RCR/RCCE Coordinator Elect – FY13
  • RCR/RCCE Coordinator – FY14

SWE-SCV (Santa Clara Valley Professional Section)

  • Wow! That’s Engineering Chair – FY13

Societal Conferences Attended:

  • WE09 – Long Beach
  • WE11 – Chicago
  • FY12 – Collegiate Leadership Forum CLF/SWE Board of Directors BOD Installation
  • WE12 – Houston
  • FY13 –  CLF/SWE BOD Installation
  • Will attend WE13 – Baltimore, Maryland!
  • Will attend FY14 – CLF/SWE BOD Installation where I will be training our region leaders!

Region A Conferences attended:

  • FY09 – Santa Clara University
  • FY11 – Stanford University
  • FY12 – Santa Clara University
  • FY12 Leadership Summit hosted by CLCC and UC Berkeley
  • FY13 Leadership Summit hosted by CLCC and Santa Clara University