Shout Out 3/31/14

1. SWE Officer Candidates FY’15
Voting for next year’s board will take place April 1-2 online. Ballots will be sent out tomorrow morning!
President: Dallen Coulter
Vice President: Goonjan Parkhe, Samantha Sprau
Secretary: Olivia Gandara, Desiree Tabora
Treasurer: Kimberly Nguyen
2. Bake Sale April 3rd from 9-4:30pm
SWE will be hosting one more bake sale this semester to cover the hotel costs for the Region A conference. We need someone to cover the table from 9-10:30 and need baked donations. Sign up here:
3. COE Phone calls to accepted female engineers
The COE is organizing a phone call campaign to the accepted women engineering freshman and transfer students on Wednesday April 2 and Thursday April 3rd from 5 pm to 7 pm using the phones in the Student Success Center, MESA offices and BCME offices at least. Pizza and drinks will be provided to volunteers! Stop by and help if you can!
4. Women in Tech Talk: “The Importance of the Little Things” 
April 9 at 3:30 in ENG 285
Build your brand for personal effectiveness. For anyone who wants to accomplish an excellent, thorough, and complete task, paying attention to the little details of the work will go a long way in ensuring overall success. Presented by Jenny Stevens and Courtney Vella of Genentech. Light snacks will be provided.
5. Officer Meeting April 11th at 5:30 in ENG 242
Stop by and give us your opinions!
6. College of Engineering Open House April 12th 7:30-2:00pm
Please help represent SWE at the COE Open House during Spartan Admitted Day! Sign up here to be a volunteer:
7. Final Member Meeting of the Year April 16th from 6-7:30pm
Global Awareness event on Education Around the World with a graduate school advice session. Pizza will be served.
8. SWE Region A Conference April 25-27th at UC Davis
SWE will be sending 9 members to this event this year!

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