Shout Out 2/16

Hello SWE Members!

Don’t forget to mark you calenders for these upcoming events!

1) SWE Bake Sale!!
Swe will be holding a bake sale this Thursday, February 19th from 9:00am to 5:00pm in the Engineering building. Feel free to bake, help us set up, volunteer during this time. We would love your support, so don’t forget to stop by! If you have any more questions regarding the bake sale, feel free to email us.

2) SOLES Science Extravaganza Volunteers

SOLES is holding their annual Science Extravaganza event Saturday February 28th. SWE would like to support this event, so if anyone is available to help out during the day. Please email us back. This is a wonderful opportunity to get familiar with some of the outreach events the school has!

3) SWE Region A Conference THIS WEEK!

 You may still go to conference even if you missed this past Friday’s deadline. You can sign up at the door for $50, just show up! Hope to see you there! For those who are interested in going please fill out the following Google doc.

4) SWE Resume Workshop

We would like to invite you to a resume workshop on Wednesday, February 18th at 5:00 pm in ENGR 285 hosted by SWE in collaboration with Donna Gilmour, Employment Specialist Lead and Liaison to the College of Engineering & Department of Computer Science. Bring in your resume and feel free to ask any questions you have regarding your resume or cover letter. All students are welcome to participate!

5) SWE WITT w/ Lea Poquerusse

Lea Poquerusse is a first year MBA student at the Stanford Business School and engineer by training. She has a BEng from McGill (2010) and an MS from MIT (2012), both in chemical engineering. Prior to attending Stanford, she worked in energy consulting for a company called Navigant in Boston and then Dubai. Lea Poquerusse will be giving a talk “Unlocking Your Potential & Being Comfortable with the Unknown Road Ahead” on March 3rd at 5:00 pm in ENGR 242.

6) SWE Call for Applications for FY’16 Officers

It is this time of year again to start thinking about whether you want to become the next leader for SWESJSU for next year. Leadership comes with many benefits and rewards, feel free to ask any of our current officers. Now is the time to start considering if you would like to be the next President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer of SWESJSU!
Feel free to email us if you have any questions regarding the positions.

Attached to this email is the SWE Officer Candidate Questionnaire, please fill it out and email it to due February 28th by 6:00 pm!

7) Cisco Systems Inc. Tour

Cisco Systems Inc. is opening their door to our SWE members! The tour begins at 10 am sharp in the lobby building P and ends at 12pm. Lunch will be provided as well as an internship session with the hiring manager. Please fill out the google form below if you are interested.

The address is listed below:

125 West Tasman Dr., San Jose 95134 – At the intersection of Rio Robles and Tasman Dr.

8) Cisco Systems Inc. Internship Opportunity

Cisco Systems Inc. is offering an internship position for the summer of 2015. Please find attached document if you are interested.

9) Wow! That’s Engineering!

Wow! That’s Engineering! is around the corner! Please keep March 14, 2015 (Pi Day) open if you plan on volunteering. A sign up form will be coming your way shortly. Keep an eye out in the Shout Outs!


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