Biography: Counselor

Melinda Mendolla


Hi Everyone!

I know many of you fabulous SWE-SJSU SWEesters already, but for those that I have not yet had the pleasure to meet, my name is Melinda Mendolla and I am a past president of SWE-SJSU. At SJSU I participated in many student organizations such as AIChE, IEEE, ISPE, SOLES and MEP. As a Women in Engineering Scholarship (Applied Materials) recipient I volunteered for countless graduations and CoE Open House or Admitted Spartan Day events. I was also a GTI or Global Technology Initiative Scholar (2011) and Summer Service Learning Program Scholar SSLP (2011).

I am super excited to be SWE-SJSU’s Counselor for FY15! I promise to be present, available, and to provide input when needed for SWE-SJSU. I will always help to guide you in the direction that you want to go in.

As a chemical engineer, I have had many classes taught by current faculty adviser,  Dr. Melanie McNeil thus having the opportunity to work with her and build a great relationship with her. I will continue to work with Dr. McNeil to ensure the success and the growth of SWE & Women in Engineering at SJSU!

Let’s continue to bring success to SWE-SJSU together! I have listed my background information and SWE qualifications below for your reference. Please feel free to ask me about anything I have listed!


  • Graduated from SJSU in May 2012, BS Chemical Engineering
  • RISE Student at SJSU; worked for Dr. Daryl K. Eggers
  • Currently work at Intel, Santa Clara in a Materials Analytical lab

SWE Positions held:


  • RCR FY12
  • President –  FY10, FY11, part of FY12
  • Evening with SWE Decorations Committee FY09
  • Wow! That’s Engineering Team Lead FY09

SWE the Society

  • RCR/RCCE Coordinator Elect – FY13
  • RCR/RCCE Coordinator – FY14

SWE-SCV (Santa Clara Valley Professional Section)

  • Wow! That’s Engineering Chair – FY13

Societal Conferences Attended:

  • WE09 – Long Beach
  • WE11 – Chicago
  • FY12 – Collegiate Leadership Forum CLF/SWE Board of Directors BOD Installation
  • WE12 – Houston
  • FY13 –  CLF/SWE BOD Installation
  • Will attend WE13 – Baltimore, Maryland!
  • Will attend FY14 – CLF/SWE BOD Installation where I will be training our region leaders!

Region A Conferences attended:

  • FY09 – Santa Clara University
  • FY11 – Stanford University
  • FY12 – Santa Clara University
  • FY12 Leadership Summit hosted by CLCC and UC Berkeley
  • FY13 Leadership Summit hosted by CLCC and Santa Clara University

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