Sponsorship Message from the Section President

Dear Potential Sponsor,

Thank you for taking the time to consider sponsoring SWE-SJSU. Our mission is vital to not only San José State University, but to a world wide aim: providing women from all backgrounds with the opportunity to obtain a technical education. Something we share with the high school girls that attend our outreach event, “Wow! That’s Engineering,” every year is that just because you get a technical degree doesn’t mean you’re limited to the technical field. Quite the opposite is true. A technical degree opens doors. The curriculum teaches problem solving skills and critical thinking methods that are applicable to all areas of life. For this reason, SWE-SJSU feels that all women can benefit from a technical education, and should be able to pursue that path without harassment.

Where do you, as a potential sponsor, come in? Our section is active, and hosts monthly events to work towards accomplishing our aim. This year, we are sending nine student leaders to the annual Society of Women Engineers conference, where they will be motivated and inspired by thousands of women in engineering from all over the world. By sending our leaders to conference, we are working to ensure that SWE-SJSU will continue going strong, year after year, and that we’re giving young women in tech the tools they need to become global leaders.

Your tax deductible donation to our section is deposited directly into our SJSU account. Each year, we submit taxes to the IRS, and a financial report to the SWE headquarters for their review. You can rest assured that 100% of your donation goes towards approved SWE-SJSU expenses that help fund leadership events, Women in Tech Talks (WITT), Wow! That’s Engineering outreach event, and possibly even student scholarships. 

Again, thank you for considering investing in the future of women in engineering. Your support is paramount in the achievement of our goals.


Dallen Coulter

FY15 Section A059 President




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