Word from the Webmaster!

After technical difficulties over winter break, the old website is gone so we now have this blog. Along with the Facebook Group this will be the officers way of communicating new announcements and upcoming events. It may take a few days to set everything up but for now here are a few things to keep you updated:


Your club officers have decided to make this semester a bit more interactive for members, from events to general meetings. Some of the things members can look forward to this semester:


1) WOW That’s Engineering is underway and as we’re expecting a large turn out we will be needing volunteers to help run. This is always a fun and exciting event and can’t wait to see you all there!


2) Speaker series: this semester we will be inviting professors and industry professionals to come in and talk about their fields and experiences.


3) Want to have a more active roll in SWE SJSU? Here’s your chance: elections are coming up! Don’t miss out on this fabulous opportunity =)


4) The Sectional SWE Conference in Hawaii is coming up this March! Interested parties should contact swe.sjsu@gmail.com for possible open spots.



More to come and thank you for your patience!!