Women in Tech Talks (WITT)


Women in Tech Talks is an initiative to showcase women who’ve made significant contributions to technology. Recently, Princeton conducted a study that revealed gender bias prevails in the STEM fields. One hypothesis for this owes the bias to a lack of female presence in leadership positions. Here at SWE-SJSU, we feel that there are many women in leadership roles, but they don’t receive the same amount of attention or recognition from the media.

Thus, our solution is to present a speaker series where we honor women in tech, and show young women studying in technical areas that there is a place for them. In fact, they have the potential to reach great heights in their careers, and become superb leaders in tech.

…just one more way that SWE-SJSU hopes to light the way for women in engineering…


To be announced shortly! We are in the process of contacting this year’s candidates.

Check back soon 🙂

In the meantime, check out previous speakers that we all enjoyed:


Heather Kirkby

Director of Product Management and Marketing

Quickbooks Online, Intuit

BSE Mechanical Engineering, Queen’s Univeristy, Kingston, Canada; MBA, Harvard University

Thursday | 06DEC2012 | Almaden Room, Student Union

6:30 – 7:30 pm

Heather Kirkby is currently the Director of Product Management and Marketing for QuickBooks Online at Intuit in Mountain View, CA.  In this role, she has led significant growth in both the business and organization over the past four years, transforming a US SaaS application into a worldwide platform.  Due to her thought leadership in helping Accountants embrace cloud technologies, she was recently named one of CPA Advisor’s “Most Powerful Women in Accounting”.  Heather attributes her business success in large part due to an “engineer’s mindset” which fuels her to use data, testing and rigor in decision-making.  She has also received great coaching and mentorship from other leaders which has fueled her “pay it forward” mentality.  She is passionate about sharing triumphs and failures from her own journey to help teach and inspire others.
Heather received her Bachelor’s of Mechanical Engineering at Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada and her MBA from Harvard University.  Before landing in Silicon Valley 12 years ago, she ran operations to collect geophysical data for Schlumberger, and led new technology field testing in Arctic Alaska.  Despite the varied background, one constant in Heather’s life has been her love of the outdoors.  The Bay Area and California have proven to be her ultimate playground that she happily shares with her husband and 2 year old daughter.


Dr. Thalia Anagnos

SJSU 2011/2012 Outstanding Professor of the Year, Earthquake Engineering

01NOV2012 ENGR 333 | 6 – 7:30 pm

Thalia Anagnos, PhD, atop the Golden Gate Bridge
Dr. Anagnos entered the field of civil and structural engineering because she knew that is where she could make a difference in the world. Today, as an SJSU professor, Dr. Anagnos inspires her students to aspire, advance, and achieve.

Jenny Stevens, Genentech PTQE-A Principal Engineer 

02OCT2012 | ENGR 285/287 | 6 -7:30 pm

Section President Joy A. Franco applauds Ms. Stevens support of SWE-SJSU, and thanks her for her thoughtful and inspiring presentation.

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