Wow! That’s Engineering

What is WOW!?

WOW is an award winning outreach event that has traditionally been put on by the SWE SJSU section and the local Santa Clara Valley (SCV) professional SWE section. This year will be no different. We are expecting over 100 high school girls that will participate in an all-day event which will consist of student and professional panels and discussions, lab tours, hands on workshops relating to the various fields of engineering, and much more. In order to have a successful event, SWE needs your help! Volunteers are needed to help with registration, assist in workshops, lead and navigate groups to and from their activities, and to engage in discussion panels. You would be a catalyst in encouraging girls to consider or to choose engineering. WOW is also an excellent opportunity for volunteers to network and to work with other college students, notable faculty, alumni, as well as engineers from industry.

For more information, refer to the event details from last year’s event, which was a huge success.

Here is the link from FY’13:

If this is something you’d be interested in volunteering for, don’t wait! We start planning for this event before the school year even begins, but help is always graciously received. Feel free to contact SWE SJSU at or any of our officers. Their contact information can be found here.


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